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SkyDrive App and Windows Explorer

With recent announcement from Microsoft SkyDrive (free-of-charge file hosting service allowing users to upload files to a cloud storage) now available on Apple’s App Store, the experience and flexibility of managing Office docs and pdf files has become lot more easier. Whilst the web version ( is the primary source of managing your SkyDrive account with folders and files, there are other options available to access the files directly from Windows Explorer.

Upon logging to SkyDrive with your Windows Live ID and navigating to My Documents folder as an example, a unique ID in the address bar can be ascertained. On your machine map the network drive to \\\your_skydrive_id\^2Documents replacing with your unique ID and enter your Live ID credentials upon login prompt. That’s it.

More instructions with illustrations can be found on Rob Margel’s blog. Of course, there are other tools available such as SD Explorer to meet other needs. For me, the iPhone App, Windows Explorer mapped to SkyDrive and a whopping 25GB free storage suffices the requirement!

Hope you find this post useful!

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