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M365UK User Group 16 March 2023

Welcome! I’m Chirag Patel, the organiser and host of M365UK (Microsoft 365 UK User Group). I host free monthly meet-ups around mid-month on Wednesdays. This user group is for anyone interested in Microsoft 365 with a great focus on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft Stream, Mobility, Security & Compliance and related technologies. If you work or have interest in the Microsoft 365 then this is the user group to attend and follow our events to improve collaboration, productivity, knowledge management and business solutions.

Join our meet-up group to keep posted about all the new meetings. Looking forward to have you as a member!

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You are always welcome to speak at our M365UK User Group! It really doesn’t matter if you are new or seasoned speaker – content and your drive is the key to deliver the learning experience for our attendees!
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2021 Sessions

  • Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management – Matt Fooks
  • Microsoft Viva, The Pitch, The Use, The Config – Sara Fennah MVP, Lesley Crook MVP
  • Microsoft Ignite Digest – Microsoft MVP panel: Neil McLoughlin, Kevin McDonnell, Anoop Tatti, Paul Hunt & Albert Hoitingh.
  • Explore Information Barriers in Office 365 – Nanddeep Nachan MVP & Smita Nachan MVP
  • Microsoft 365 Retention Deep Dive – Raphael Köllner MVP
  • Cloud App Security and Office 365 – Albert Hoitingh MVP
  • Advanced Business Process Management with Power Automate, the Power Platform BPM Toolkit and Doctor Flow – Serge Luca MVP
  • Securely connect to SharePoint online from Azure function – Joel Rodrigues MVP
  • Microsoft Teams Usability vs Security – Zoe Wilson and Luke Evans
  • Best Practices for using Microsoft 365 Services on WVD – Neil McLoughlin MVP
  • Options for obtaining an access token for Microsoft Graph in Azure applications – Anoop Tatti
  • An Evening with Mr. OneDrive of basics and news – Hans Brender MVP
  • Winning Combination: Team up with the Microsoft 365 PnP Community and become a SharePoint All-Star – David Warner II MVP, Hugo Bernier MVP, Beau Cameron MVP & Chris Kent MVP
  • Microsoft Teams – the hub for teamwork as a platform – Thomy Gölles MVP
  • Getting ready for Microsoft Viva. The what, why and how? – Knut Relbe-Moe MVP
  • Office 365 Governance in Practice – Seb Matthews
  • Part 2: DWP Teams deployment & adoption success story – Lesley Crook MVP, Stephen Wade, Lee Ford MVP
  • Creating bot with Bot Framework Composer – Gosia Borzecka MVP
  • Microsoft Search – the what, the why and the how – Kevin McDonnell
  • Level up and become a Microsoft Teams Superhero! – Vesa Nopanen MVP
  • Power Apps and Power Automate in Microsoft Teams with and without Dataverse – Tomislav Karafilov MVP

2020 M365UK Sessions

  • Introduction to SharePoint Spaces: How to create a 3D virtual lobby for your next online event? – Patrick Guimonet MVP
  • Keyless Authentication with Azure Managed Identity – Garry Trinder MVP
  • A journey from Power Apps to governance – Toni Pohl MVP
  • Microsoft Project is Dead, Long Live Microsoft Project! – Ben Howard MVP
  • User Adoption & Change Management – Lesley Crook MVP
  • Protecting your Team work in Microsoft 365 – Joanne Klein MVP
  • The evolution of Microsoft Information Protection – from Information Rights Management to Sensitivity Labelling – Peter Rising
  • Power Apps and Power BI Together – Laura Graham-Brown MVP
  • Getting started with Git and GitHub for the reluctant IT Pro – Thomas Vochten MVP
  • Governance and Microsoft Teams – Jasper Oosterveld MVP
  • Getting started with “Yo Teams” – Kirti Prajapati MVP
  • Sensitivity labels in Office 365 – News & Updates – Albert Hoitingh MVP
  • Microsoft Teams Live Events: Case Study M365 Virtual Marathon – Joel Oleson MVP & RD, Ryan Schouten MVP, Galen Keene
  • The Most Productive Teams are Empowered – Chris Hoard MVP