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Accessing Office 365 Group Hidden SharePoint Site Collection

Recently, one of my happy users of Office 365 Group published Access Web App using Access 2016 to their Office 365 Group. Instead of using SharePoint site link, an office 365 Group link was used and the app was up

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7 Golden Internet rules to prevent cyber bullying

This week from my children’s primary school we received some useful information about using the internet safely. Attached with the information were the rules that children should abide by when using the internet. I felt that these rules lacked some

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Unable to create publishing site at root site collection in SharePoint Online

In SharePoint Online, when creating a root site collection with publishing site template the resulting outcome is an enterprise wiki site which obviously is not right. I should stress that this behaviour relates only to SharePoint Online part of Office365

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SharePoint content migration with folders

Amongst many things to consider when carrying out SharePoint content migration is the folders within document libraries or lists. Whilst content within those folders such as, word, excel, pdf and other files carry the modified datestamp. It is also important

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