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SharePoint content migration with folders

Amongst many things to consider when carrying out SharePoint content migration is the folders within document libraries or lists. Whilst content within those folders such as, word, excel, pdf and other files carry the modified datestamp. It is also important to pay attention to the folder level modified datestamp as well. After testing few of the leading SharePoint migration products, one critical issue came to my attention through visual inspection. The issue was the incorrect ‘Modified’ datestamp against folder level with files inside them at the destination SharePoint site. The empty folders were ok. The migration product’s log file didn’t pick up this issue!
So I raised the support request with the vendor and explained the issue and who also connected to my machine to witness the issue. After few days with yo-yo messaging, the vendor admitted to be an issue with incorrect modified datestamp at folder level within document library on a destination site. With more time delays from this vendor their final response was that it will have to be treated as a feature request! with no release update.
My thoughts on this whole issue is that this should have been a basic migration functionality. Needless to say I went with another SharePoint Migration vendor’s product in which this issue was not present and overall their customer support was excellent. The key message here is test, test and test!

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