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7 Golden Internet rules to prevent cyber bullying

This week from my children’s primary school we received some useful information about using the internet safely. Attached with the information were the rules that children should abide by when using the internet. I felt that these rules lacked some real-life representation that can be related to. So to help increase their awareness (and support Get Safe Online campaign next week) on the issue even further I have provided real-world relation to each of the rules below, followed by some useful links. My children found these practical tips very useful. Hope they are useful to you as well.

  1. Only use the internet with your parents permission
    Internet is a world full of countries with homes, schools, fun places, shops, restaurants, amusements, playgrounds, etc. You wouldn’t go to these places without asking your parent’s permission – would you?
  2. Never reveal your personal information (home address, telephone/mobile phone number, name and location of your school)
    When visiting places of interest, you wouldn’t give away your personal information without any reason, so why should you on the internet?
  3. Do not share your internet passwords with anyone
    Your passwords are like house keys that only works on your door so keep it safe and make sure they are different for every login.
  4. Do not use any social networking sites
    These sites are like places where you chat, share stories, pictures and resources with your family, friends or interest groups. On internet, everyone can be anyone and there is no way to identify who they really are.
  5. Do not send your picture over the internet
    The paper photos are the best way to share with your family and friends in your home.
  6. Do not reply to messages that make you feel uncomfortable
    Just like when you receive letters, advertisements, leaflets through your door and put some of these in the trash. In the same way you can ignore messages that are not relevant to you.
  7. Tell your parents or your teachers when you feel something is wrong
    Don’t keep it to yourself, talk it out and will feel better.

Useful links:

Hope the above was useful.

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