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SharePoint and Beyond

I want to thank all who shared good wishes for my move to PointBeyond ( I am excited and empowered to join this dynamic and growing company. Many of you may think why work at PointBeyond. Well to put simply, they are the specialists in delivering SharePoint Business Applications with strong focus on solving business problems. Not only PointBeyond deal with fast growing clientele’s SharePoint deployments encompassing physical, logical and information architectures; but also engage with business users in discovery, design and development of portals, intranet, internet, collaboration, communities, composites and insights with value added business applications.

When I first started as Database developer over 11 years ago, the business requirements were translated into logical data models, physical database design, application tier and user interface with strong emphasis on waterfall methodology and large project teams. I’m sure you all know this. Don’t get me wrong all these is still required today when embarking on large-scale and complex application projects. However, in today’s business applications world from service delivery to end-user organisations, the business agility is higher than ever before where business problems/requirements spring up and solution is expected in very short time. Also when business users and IT teams are on different alignments the solution can be far-reaching. This is where Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies take over and empower the business collaboration, data, information and processes. It is in this SharePoint space where user engagement is at its highest, more visibility on how data and processes are handled and acceleration of SharePoint business application deployments occur.

As SharePoint journey continues for many organisations with on-premise and cloud deployments, as a Senior SharePoint Consultant with PointBeyond I will always be focussed on solving business problems with my contributions of knowledge, skill, experience, passion for building business applications and enthusiasm for SharePoint and SQL Server technologies. Our MD, Ian Woodgate (Specialist in SharePoint business applications, strategy and implementation and Organiser of SharePoint UK User group South) recently authored a Whitepaper (Delivering Maximum Business Value With A SharePoint Based Application Strategy), which got published on Microsoft TechNet have received huge interest and high rating from the business community which demonstrates the Whats and Whys of SharePoint business applications.

This is why I am here; to connect, collaborate and share.

All you need is SharePoint,
SharePoint is all you need.

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