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Office Delve – discovery and search tool without doing anything

Following the announcements from SharePoint Conference earlier this year of a new feature, this week saw the first release of Delve (formerly Oslo) which is a discovery and search tool that is capable of accessing OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Outlook and more. Currently Office Delve can be accessed via browser and is a feature part of Office 365.

Delve aims to solve the problem of information silos by bringing all of the above content mediums that is useful and contextually relevant through your interactions with content and people, into a visually engaging card-like experience application.

Delve is built on Office Graph (data layer), in which it interacts with content and signals and applying machine learning principles to gain insights and proactively presenting the information in several intended views:
– Presented to me
– Modified by me
– Shared with me
– Trending around me
– Liked by me
– Viewed by me

Delve not only enables you to search content but also people with intended activity driven views from Office Graph:
– We both work with
– Working with
– Peers
– Manager
– Directs

Having taken Delve for spin, below are my notes and observations:
The first release of Delve contains only the following views: My Work, Shared with me and small list of people. Though more views are planned.
SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are the only content mediums connected to Office Graph at the moment.
The real benefits of Delve can only be realized with the uptake of OneDrive for Business and sharing content with your colleagues, in which Delve make it easier to surface content from everyone’s OneDrive for Business. An important point to note here is that Delve honors the permissions in respective content mediums and does not alter permissions.

There is also preview documentation available for Delve API to conduct graph queries through SharePoint Search REST API using GQL (Graph Query Language).

Delve Q&A
Few days after Delve release, Office 365 Technical Network organized an online event on Yammer (YamJam), containing great conversations with questions and answers from participants. My view of conversations can be found there with rapid responses from MS folks!
The recurring themes of discussions were:
– Privacy concerns
– Office Graph customisations roadmap
– Delve results integration to SharePoint Search result pages
– Hybrid scenarios
– Allowing Delve to federate between Office 365 tenants

Expect a summary report from Office Delve team soon in readable format! For detailed questions and answers, head to Yammer Delve Public Group
To keep up with Office Delve on Twitter, the hashtag is #Delve and twitter handle is @OfficeDelve

More info on Delve:
Introducing Delve and the Office Graph

What is Delve?

Delve – Next Generation Discovery and Search

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