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SharePoint 2016 RTM with Project Server 2016 #sp2016 #sharepoint2016

As happy Monday goes, today SharePoint 2016 is released to manufacturing (RTM) which covers next generation of hybrid capability and also cloud hybrid search with Office 365. This is the sixth version of SharePoint dating back to 2001! and yes this is where my career began and haven’t looked back since!

Together with this important announcement also Project Server 2016 is RTM that is distributed as part of SharePoint Server 2016.

Notable new features of SharePoint 2016 include:

  • Compliance features – document deletion policy allows you to delete documents in users’ OneDrive for Business sites after specific periods of time.
  • Durable links – deals with renaming of files or moving them to different part of sites
  • Encrypted connections
  • Identify and search for sensitive content such as credit cards numbers, password, etc.
  • Predefined server roles for scalable deployments,
  • Some of the restrictions of invalid or special characters used in filenames have been removed
    To celebrate SharePoint 2016, on 4th May 2016 there will be a live online event which will unveil the vision and roadmap for the future of SharePoint! – Yes there should be another version – find out on the day!

Happy SharePointing!

Chirag @techChirag

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