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New SQL Server Management Studio -16.3 (August 2016) Release

Following the SQL Server 2016 release earlier this year, the latest generally-available (GA) quality release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is now available.

Key features are:

  • Switch from monthly-branded SSMS releases (e.g. August 2016 release) to numerically-branded SSMS releases (e.g. 16.3 release).
  • New Active Directory authentication option (Active Directory Universal Authentication) with underlying Azure AD supporting multi-factor authentication and integrated authentication.
  • New PowerShell cmdlets to help perform SQL Server login management.
  • Support for filtering in the ‘Databases’ node of the Object explorer.
    You can download the latest release version 13.0.15700.28 in the link below.

Download SSMS 16.3 (August 2016) release


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