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Client-Side SharePoint Framework Developer Preview Release #spfx

As per Jeff Teper’s tweet last week, this week the first release of SharePoint Framework Developer Preview was made available!


In a nutshell, SharePoint Framework is a new development model to build customisations in SharePoint using common client-side tools and technologies. To clarify, SharePoint Framework (being community focussed) is an addition to the existing SharePoint development ecosystem.

Veteran SharePoint developers who are used to building solutions currently include:

– Server-side SharePoint Farm solutions (full trust code) working with On-Premises SharePoint 2013 and previous versions

– SharePoint add-ins model supported for Office 365 SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 & 2016 On-premises support for permission & data access controls, remote events and distribution via SharePoint and Office Store

– Ad-hoc client-side development using JavaScript, display templates, content editor web parts to embed scripts, etc.

SharePoint Framework formalises this ad-hoc client side development through, for example, building client-side web parts and are ideal for corporate IT or service integrators, where code is typically trusted to run directly within SharePoint pages, with broad access to SharePoint data.


SharePoint Web Part in the new SharePoint Workbench


Key Points of SharePoint Framework are:

  • Modern experiences for SharePoint like document libraries, lists, and page experiences are built on top of the new SharePoint Framework for both web and mobile use.
  • Build client-side web parts:
    – Using modern script development tools and common scripting frameworks (i.e. AngularJS) with components from Office UI Fabric React
  • Currently new client-side web parts can only be deployed to Office 365 Developer tenants (full set of other O365 tenancies before end of this year)
  • Future enablement of seamless access to data in other Office 365 workloads through the Microsoft Graph
  • SharePoint Framework will be available for SharePoint 2016 on-premises in 2017
  • Head over to documentation with videos, samples at the SharePoint Dev Wiki site on GitHub

For Feedback, Questions and Updates

SharePoint StackExchange

    – Use #spfx, #spfx-webparts, and #spfx-tooling
      – User Voice –

SharePoint Dev Platform

      – Twitter Feed


      – Twitter Feed


You can get started with SharePoint development and connect to the latest training and information for SharePoint development, you are welcome to join the Office 365 Developer Program and learn more about the SharePoint Framework by visiting SharePoint general development.

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