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Tuning to Microsoft Ignite 2016 Conference #MSIgnite

As we are approaching Microsoft’s largest technology event of the year, Microsoft Ignite 2016 will be taking place in Atlanta, GA, USA on 26-30 Sept 2016. As I am browsing through the sheer number of Office 365 and SharePoint sessions and if you are like me given the fast pace of developments and changes, new products and services, rapid feature releases and new ways of doing things is just simply phenomenal and certainly Microsoft is in “overdrive” mode! Given my day job working mainly in Office 365 and SharePoint space with varying levels of technology projects, persona and client engagements – the technology learning never stops for me, if anything it is much more than ever before and exciting!


So Microsoft Ignite conference is a great opportunity for me to catch up on some great sessions to refresh and underline my knowledge and experience, seek new skills and ideas, hear real-world scenarios and more importantly the challenges of technology adoption and journeys.

With over 1200 sessions, I have picked a handful of sessions that I am particularly interested to learn more. The sessions recordings/slides are usually available within hours if not days on Channel 9 MSDN, the keynote and some sessions are broadcasted live together with twitter feeds I find are good ways to keep up with the conference pace from the comfort of my chair in the UK!

One of my main expectations from this year’s Ignite conference is news and updates on SharePoint 2016 On-Premises product, considering the gap and how far Office 365 SharePoint Online has accelerated in recent months with smart collaborative toolset (integration of Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Online) and modern experiences.

This Tuesday (13 Sept) at 1pm PT you can tune in to TweetJam @MS_Ignite to ask host @JulWhite (Julia White) all your #MSIgnite questions!

For more information head over to Microsoft Ignite Conference website and stay tuned for Microsoft Ignite Keynote. The Twitter handle is @MS_Ignite and hashtag #MSIgnite.

List of sessions I am looking forward to catch up!

ID Sessions Presenters
1 Protect your sensitive information with Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Anthony Smith ,  BJ Whalen
2 Explore what’s new and coming with the SharePoint apps Andy Haon ,  Nate Clinton
3 Ensure your intranet sites are inclusive for people with disabilities Melissa Torres
4 Learn how Microsoft IT governs SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups David Johnson
5 Discover enterprise content management (ECM) best practices with SharePoint and Office365 Jeremy Mazner
6 Build Client-side web parts for Microsoft SharePoint  Chakkaradeep C Chandran
7 Reinvent disaster recovery leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure 
8 Learn best practices for customizing and branding SharePoint Team Sites  Tejas Mehta ,  Eric Overfield
9 Explore new personalized, intelligence powered search experiences in SharePoint, Delve and O365  Alina Skarbovsky ,  Liang Zheng
10 Dive into Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios  Bill Baer
11 Review a solution to manage hospital policies with Office 365 and Workflow  Cathy Dew
12 Improve Office 365 adoption: top 10 ways  Kanwal Khipple
13 Break barriers – the future of designing collaboration 
14 Watch us bring together the best new features a team needs to get the most out of modern SharePoint Emma Dong ,  Jeremy Kelley
15 Learn what to use when: Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Team Sites, Yammer, and OneDrive for Business Richard Harbridge
16 Get started with SharePoint Server 2016 in Microsoft Azure IaaS Neil Hodgkinson
17 Apply Analytics to get the most out of your Office 365 investment Edward Bobrin
18 Learn about Office 365 encryption and BYOK Paul Rich ,  Jaclynn Hiranaka
19 Discover the new SharePoint content publishing experiences Andy Haon ,  Dave Cohen
20 Peek behind the scenes of running and building SharePoint Online Zach Rosenfield
21 Learn how SharePoint is reinventing content collaboration: vision and roadmap updates Seth Patton ,  Jeff Teper
22 Build business solutions in Microsoft SharePoint Laura Rogers
23 Looking behind the scenes at how we’re making SharePoint’s front end/UX modern, responsive, and open Russ More ,  Eric Thompson
24 See 5 project workflows you need to have in Microsoft Project Online Prasanna Adavi
25 Move search from on-premises SharePoint to the cloud: tips and tricks Mikael Svenson
26 Accelerate digital transformation success: how NBCU established SharePoint as an Enterprise Service Dux Raymond Sy ,  Charles E. Williams II
27 Understand the sync and desktop integration options for OneDrive and SharePoint Jason Moore ,  Ed Averett
28 Explore the ultimate field guide to Microsoft Office 365 Groups Amit Gupta ,  Tony Redmond ,  Benjamin Niaulin
29 Discover what’s new and what’s coming to the SharePoint Mobile and Intelligent Intranet Mark Kashman ,  Adam Harmetz
30 Learn how to build a fast, responsive SharePoint portal in SharePoint Online Russ More ,  John Fan
31 Collaborate outside the firewall with Microsoft Office 365 Sesha Mani ,  Jeffrey Zhu
32 Learn best practices for creating and managing SharePoint Site Templates Sean Squires
33 Dive into Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Upgrade and Migration Todd Klindt ,  Jason Himmelstein
34 Manage Microsoft Office 365 Groups Eric Zenz ,  Vince Smith
35 Learn best practices for managing and administering SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business Chris Bortlik
36 Convert InfoPath/Designer workflow processes to PowerApps Chris McNulty ,  Kerem Yuceturk
37 Use Office 365 Groups at schools and universities Mike Tholfsen ,  Krish Gali
38 Use RMS in Microsoft Office 365 Nathan O’Bryan
39 Avoid the “gotchas”when migrating to Office 365 Cloud PBX Mykola Konrad
40 Build business applications with Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Office 365 James Oleinik
41 Reduce costs and challenges with Office 365 eDiscovery and Analytics Atanu Banerjee ,  Rachi Messing ,  Amir Milo
42 Plan for Skype for Business cloud connectivity with Microsoft Office 365 Nikolay Muravlyannikov
43 Dive into effective report authoring using Power BI Desktop Miguel Llopis ,  Amanda Cofsky
44 Probe Microsoft Power BI for Enterprise Siva Harinath ,  Adam Wilson
45 Add intelligence to your LOB applications using Power BI Josh Caplan

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