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Improved Office 365 SharePoint Online Usage Activity Reports

Last week, I had the opportunity to evaluate the new SharePoint Online usage activity reports in Office 365 Admin Centre. These are good reports that have been long overdue to just understand the basic usage of SharePoint, user adoption patterns and more importantly to take action for under utilised SharePoint sites as well as working with site owners who are successfully exploiting SharePoint and Office 365 Group sites.

Below I have put together some more details around these new reports, in particular, the types of reports, filters and available columns and you can fetch data as far as six months. In addition to SharePoint Online reports, there are other Office 365 services usage reports available (listed end of this post) such as OneDrive and Exchange Online. More details on the announcement can be found on Office blog.

Power BI report content pack for usage reports is expected later for better interaction, coverage and availability to end users/site owners. Though currently you will have to contact your Office 365 Administrator or SharePoint Online Administrator to access these new reports.

SharePoint Activity Reports
Report Types: Number of files by activity type, Number of users by activity type
Report Details (Columns):
– User principal name
– Last activity date (UTC)
– Deleted
– Deleted date
– Active files (Files viewed or edited)
– Synced files
– Files shared externally
– Files shared internally
– Products assigned
– Data as of
– Reporting period in days


SharePoint Site Usage
Report Filter: All Sites, Group Sites, Team Sites
Report Types
– Number of total and active sites
– Number of total and active files
– Amount of storage used
Report Details (Columns):
– Data as of
– Site type
– Site URL
– Site owner
– Last activity date (UTC)
– Storage used (B)
– Storage allocated (B)
– Files
– Deleted
– Active files
– Reporting period in days


Other Office 365 Service report usage activities include:
– Email activity
– Mailbox usage
– Microsoft Office
– Activations
– SharePoint activity (as above)
– SharePoint site usage (as above)
– OneDrive activity
– OneDrive usage
Skype for Business
– Skype for Business activity
– Skype for Business peer-to-peer activity
– Skype for Business conference organizer activity
– Skype for Business conference participant activity
– Skype for Business PSTN usage
– Skype for Business users blocked
– Yammer activity

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