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Presenting at Microsoft community online events #TeamsCommunityDay #M365Gurgaon #MicrosoftTeamsDayOnline #TeamsFest

Back to school, work and community events! I always look forward to September as the technology conference season kicks off with more events taking place and I’m excited to share that this autumn I’m participating as speaker at various communities online events taking place around the world. In particularly these virtual events are taking place in Germany, India, USA and Europe, so virtually I will be there in spirit and looking forward to share! I’m also volunteering as moderator at TeamsFest event sessions on Productivity track with great speakers!

I’m grateful to the community event organisers who go above and beyond volunteering their time and efforts to make these events happen for free and bring great benefits to the attendees in helping them to gain knowledge and fill the gaps in this ever-changing Microsoft 365 landscape and so my thanks to the following organisers for giving me the opportunity to speak at their events.

Below is the list of events and my sessions with registration details and hope to see you online soon. The best part of all these sessions is that you can bring your questions live and will be glad to answer them! I will of course be sharing my slides and session recordings when they become available – Take care!

Events & Sessions Date & LocationSessionThanks & 💜 to organisers!

Teams Community Day – The Tour
09 Sep 2020
Building a Microsoft Teams chat space to manage your projectRaphael Köllner @ra_koellner
Tomislav Karafilov @TKarafilov
Ralf Bohrer @RalfBohrer
Jennifer Eimertenbrink @PfiffiKrebs

M365 Saturday Gurgaon 2020
19 Sep 2020
Navigating you way to different admin centres in Microsoft 365Vignesh Ganesan @sharepointnerd
Vijai Anand Ramalingam @anavijai
Kamlesh Rao @kamleshrao
Lalit Mohan @LalitMGupta

Modern Workplace Summit 2020 (Teams Day Online 2)
30 Sep – 01 Oct 2020
Supporting third-party access and sharing in Microsoft TeamsRuss Basiura @RussBasiura

TeamsFest October 2020
07 Oct 2020
You got Microsoft Teams, now let’s build modern intranet on SharePointChris Hoard @Microsoft365Pro
Vesku Nopanen @vesanopanen
Adam Deltinger @deltanr1
Chris Webb @ChrisWebbTech

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