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Presenting at aMS Germany 2020 community event #aMSGermany

One of my sessions is selected by the organisers at aMS Germany and am excited to be presenting on the topic of administrators guide to managing Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Yammer at a free community event.

aMS (formerly aOS) is an international community and non-profit organisation founded in 2016 by Patrick Guimonet and there are many members from around the world who participate in organising events across the globe and sharing good practices around Azure, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint technology areas. aMS Germany is part of the aMS umbrella event. My thanks to Patrick Guimonet, Hans Brender (Mr. OneDrive), Sascha Fredrich and Martin Gudel for organising aMS Germany and for making this event happen! So get registering, there are 6 tracks (COLLAB / ONEDRIVE / SP, TEAMS, POWER PLATFORM / DEV, SECURITY, DATA / AI / VR, AZURE APPS AND INFRA) with over 50 sessions by great speakers with some from the earliest days of SharePoint over 20 years ago!

Below is my session details and I hope you can join us on the day and takeaway some good learning points, hope to see you online!
Tuesday, 1st December at 1:00-1:50 PM GMT
Administrators guide to managing Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Yammer
It’s tough managing various workloads within your Microsoft 365 tenant if your organisation has limited IT staff and resources. Here you will learn how to navigate your way to successfully manage and configure various collaboration and information management requirements. During this demo rich session you will get informed with help and advice to best manage your Microsoft 365 Tenant.
Track: Collab/OneDrive/SP

You can follow us on Twitter hashtag #aMSGermany and the website.

aMS Germany 2020 Speakers

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