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Presenting SharePoint #Metaverse session at #MetaverseOne conference

I am excited & honoured to present a SharePoint Metaverse session on Wednesday 07 September 2022 at an inaugural Metaverse One event (from the makers of Teams Nation!). I’m very thankful to the organisers Chris Hoard @Microsoft365Pro, Vesku Nopanen @vesanopanen, Adam Deltinger @deltanr1, Chris Webb @ChrisWebbTech, Matti Paukkonen @mpaukkon, Paul Dredge @MrPaulDredge for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this great event and their efforts in bringing this event.

Metaverse One is the first 100% free, 100% community driven online conference dedicated to the Microsoft Metaverse, Mixed Reality, MR technologies, extensibility options and the Teams Platform. It aims to bring together exceptional technical talent and thought leadership to democratize Metaverse knowledge, encourage participation in the Metaverse community and give those who are struggling financially an opportunity to experience a first class conference

My session details is below and hope you can join us!
Building immersive and mixed reality experiences in SharePoint
Building a space for mixed reality vision is a lot like building a modern SharePoint site. This session will cover how you create the space, choose structure & themes, as well as configure various 2D & 3D web parts. We will then wrap up the session with recommendations & best practices so that you can build immersive experiences on any device in SharePoint for your organisation.
Wednesday 07 Sep 2022 1:00 PM BST, Track 3

You can register to the event for free and checkout the schedule and stellar line up of speakers. You can keep up to date at Metaverse One, Metaverse One Meetup, Metaverse One Twitter

See you online!

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