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Volunteering and presenting at South Coast Summit 2022 #SCS2022

I am delighted to be back again presenting few sessions at South Coast Summit 2022 and volunteering as well with various activities which have already began. Some of these included sessions reviews, speaker selection. If you haven’t registered yet then here is the link to register and can’t wait to see you!

I want to thank the event organisers (Aaron Rendell, Nathan Sweeney & Carl Cookson) for bringing this in-person event focusing across the Microsoft platform by many speakers and all for free! Also my thanks to the fellow volunteers, speakers and sponsors for making things happen!

Over the course of two days below is my whereabouts and it would be fantastic for you to join us for great learnings, community meetings & conversations!

Pre conference Microsoft Viva and Syntex Workshop 
Delivered by Kevin McDonnellZoe WilsonChirag Patel
Date: Friday, 14 October 2022 – 08:00 – 17:00 BST

  • What is Microsoft Viva and why does Employee Experience matter
  • Introduction to the Viva pillars
  • Hands-on Viva Connections Workshop
  • Hands-on Viva Topics Workshop
  • Hands-on SharePoint Syntex Workshop
South Coast Summit One Day workshop - Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva by Chirag Patel, Kevin McDonnell and Zoe Wilson.

Conference Session – The UnbeVivable Truth
Join us for our take on the radio gameshow, the Unbelievable Truth. The panellists must talk for two minutes about Microsoft Viva, sneaking in 3 lies without the other panellists noticing. Panellists will earnt points for each lie spotted and for each lie which escapes notice. The audience is very welcome to help panellists spot those lies. This session will give you insight into the lesser known Microsoft Viva facts and you may even have some fun along the way!
Session Date and time: Saturday, 15 October 2022 at 11am
Room 5
Session Track: Employee Experience

South Coast Summit session - The UnbeVivable by Chirag Patel, Sara Fennah, Kevin McDonnell and Zoe Wilson.

You can follow event updates @M365Summit #SCS2022
See you in Southampton!

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