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Organising & speaking at #VivaExplorers #CommunityDays Manchester UK

I’m excited to share the first in-person event Viva Explorers Community Day (Manchester, UK) is happening on 12 November 2022! As a member of the volunteer community members organising team with Lesley Crook, Sara Fennah, Kevin McDonnell and Zoe Wilson, we are proud to be part of the newly launched Microsoft Community Days initiative by Microsoft!
So come along to Manchester by securing your seat for free!

“Flexible work is here to stay. Many Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake-up call. High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce.” Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Many organisations still assume Teams is the same as SfB with remote meetings, chat, and telephony. Many have not enabled Team Channels, where you find deep project collaboration driving productivity. The Viva Suite gives you so much more value for your business.

Microsoft responded in Feb 2021, announcing Microsoft Viva, reimagined, cost-effective modules with AI and machine learning. Cross-business integrated solutions delivered through Teams spanning Viva Insights (employee analytics), Viva Connections (flexible & intelligent intranet), Viva Learning (upskilling and personal growth), Viva Topics (curating knowledge), and a lot more to come. At the time of writing, seven modules are globally accessible.

People are the heart and soul of every digitalisation project and need to be front of mind working in a Hybrid workplace. Meet the Viva Explorers, 30+ passionate MVPs from around the globe are sharing the what, the why, and the how of the Viva Suite and drawing on diverse origins to influence a serendipitous employee-centric technology movement, enabling a modern, empathic, enthusiastic workforce mindset!

0930 Welcome from Microsoft Global Community Initiative Mark Furr
0940 Making the complex, simple! Lesley Crook MVP
0950 Viva new features announced 22 Sept Zoe Wilson MVP
1015 Nurture culture with Viva Engage+ Pete Johns | Lesley Crook MVP

1045 Break
1100 Viva-HR Dynamics Ana Inés Urrutia
1130 Viva Connections for news &views Kat Beedim MVP

1200 Lunch
1300 On the job Viva Learning Jack Fisher
1330 Feed on knowledge harvested with Viva Topics Sara Fennah MVP MCT | Simon Denton MVP
1415 Just in time data with Viva Insights Chirag Patel MVP MCT | Kevin McDonnell MVP

1445 Break
1500 Governance & Compliance Viva implications Nikki Chapple MVP
1530 Set OKRs in Viva Goals Kevin McDonnell MVP | Simon Doy
1600 Viva – Microsoft Views Al Eardley
1630 Panel Discussion

1700 Close

This event is not just for IT Pros, please invite your Comms and HR business partners.

See you there!

Viva Explorers Community Days UK Speakers

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