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Changing the way you work with Modern SharePoint Team Sites and Office 365 Groups #Collab365

This week (20 Oct 2-3PM BST) I had the pleasure of presenting at a 24 hour Collab365 Global Conference 2016 with tons of sessions covering SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure tools and technologies for all types of audiences with over 3000 registered attendees. The event was very well organised and at such a scale of accommodating speaker sessions around the world and all timezones – so hats off to the entire Collab 365 Global Conference 2016 team including sponsors, speakers (giving up their time for session preparation and delivery) for making it happen and thanks for having me!


My session “Changing the way you work with Modern SharePoint Team Sites and Office 365 Groups” was well attended with about 50 attendees given the time of the working day in the afternoon – a big thanks to attendees and hope the session was useful. Lots of good questions and learning points of opportunities came across in the session chat.

You can access my slides and the session recording below.

Thanks and enjoy!

Session Slides:

Session Recording:

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