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Qualified Approved BCS Chartered Membership Assessor

I’m delighted to share that I’m now qualified as Approved Chartered Membership Assessor for BCS (British Computer Society) and excited to carryout this voluntary role by a way of giving back to the IT profession for the good of the society and demonstrate my commitment to improving the IT industry and my personal skills. It is also an opportunity for me to assess breadth & depth of IT projects and experiences that I am now exposed to. My work is very much focused on delivering practical solutions in an Agile manner in variety of projects & work packages, so through the interviews I will conduct for BCS it will be extremely useful to hear about other types of projects delivered in different ways.

As already a BCS Chartered IT Professional (CITP) for over 10 years, my new volunteer role will involve performing following activities:
– Assessing BCS CITP applications
– Seeking evidence of experience that matches The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) criteria
– Conducting Interviews with applicants
– Validating assessments
– Recommending application outcome & decision

Like every BCS CITP awardee, I personally know what process I have to go through every five years to revalidate my Chartered IT professional membership to maintain IT knowledge and experience in this rapidly changing IT world. Anyone has a potential to be a part IT in carrying out various disciplines of IT roles to fulfil their their job objectives whether it’s for end user organisations, public and private organisations, partners, vendors, etc. but what sets apart is how professionally with the standards is carried out and CITP ensures the strict code of practice is followed throughout in your IT career.

The benefits of becoming BCS CITP is huge and below are just some of the key benefits of being a professional member of BCS and being awarded CITP:
– Independent standard of competence and professionalism in the technology industry
– Benchmark your knowledge and skills against the recognised industry standard
– Demonstrate your current competence to clients and employers, and the value you bring
– Set yourself apart as a highly-skilled IT professional with a place on the public CITP register
– Help to raise the profile of your profession and play a part in shaping its development

So go ahead and apply for BCS CITP and develop your career!

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