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Renewed 2nd time Microsoft MVP Office Apps and Services 2021-2022

I’m delighted to share that last month Microsoft presented me with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2021-2022 award in recognition of my exceptional technical community leadership and outstanding contributions in the Office Apps & Services technical communities during the past year! Thank you Microsoft!

Few of the areas I enjoy is organising & running M365UK online events every month and a speaker at various community events (local & international) and I’m thankful to organisers, speakers & volunteers for their efforts in making things happen especially during the pandemic times and letting me speak at following events. You can find my slides & recordings online!

Power Saturday (Jun 2021)
M365 Chicago (Jun 2021)
Teams Nation (May 2021)
Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon (Apr 2021)
Microsoft 365 Saturday Pune (Mar 2021)
Microsoft Ignite Ask the Experts (2021)
Scottish Summit (Feb 2021)
Collabdays Birmingham (Jan 2021)
M365 Friday California (Jan 2021)
M365 Saturday Bangalore (Dec 2020)
M365 Saturday Ahmedabad (Dec 2020)
aMS Germany (Dec 2020)
M365 Chicago (Nov 2020)
TeamsFest (Oct 2020)
Teams Day Online 2 (Sep 2020)
M365 Saturday Gurgaon (Sep 2020)
TeamsCommunityDay – The Tour (Sep 2020)
M365 Philly Virtual (Jul 2020)
Commsverse Online Microsoft Teams Conference (Jul 2020)

I am also thankful and understanding of my family support and the freedom & flexibility from my employer Patel Consulting for letting me share and be part of the technical communities. Without their support I would not be here! I look forward to sharing more content and hope to see you somewhere in-person and online events!

In the next few months you can catch me at following in-person events!

Commsverse – Improving your productivity with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 services15-16 Sept 2021
South Coast Summit 2021 – Microsoft Viva and Syntex Workshop15-16 Oct 2021

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