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Copy files and folders from #OneDrive for Business to a #SharePoint site

This week Microsoft announced the first phase of rollout for copying and moving files between SharePoint and OneDrive.

In Office 365, you’ll be able to copy files from OneDrive for Business to destinations in SharePoint or OneDrive, but not yet from team site to team site.

Copy/Move works for both modern and classic experiences on target team site document libraries.  You can copy single files, multiple files, or whole folders, preserving metadata.


Though there are current limitations to the copy command:

  • Each copy operation between OneDrive and SharePoint is limited to a maximum size of 50MB.
  • To enable copy scripting must be turned off for personal sites. If scripting is turned on for personal sites in your organisation (by default this was on for Office 365 tenants created prior to November 2014), the Copy command is restricted to copying within your OneDrive.
    As a good practice to prevent cross-site scripting attacks and more importantly to enable the new copy command as described above, you (or your SharePoint Online Administrator or Office 365 Administrator) can choose the option “Prevent users from running custom script on personal sites.” within SharePoint Admin Centre settings area.

As expected, Microsoft is planning to add more features:

  • We have more plans to enhance the Copy/Move functions in the coming months:
  • Adding support for all file sizes, beyond today’s 50MB limit.  (We know the vast majority of files in OneDrive are below this limit today.)
  • Copy files among SharePoint team sites.
  • Finally, we will also add the ability to move files, as well as copy files, among SharePoint Team sites as well as OneDrive sources.

You can share your feedback on the Office 365 Network or on

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