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Presenting at Modern Workplace Summit and Teams Day Online #ModernWorkplaceSummits

UPDATE 09 Apr: Slides available on slideshare!

In less than a week, Modern Workplace Summit and Microsoft Teams Day Online event will be taking place on 8-10 April 2020 – A FREE Global Community training event that will be run from Philadelphia, USA. Usually this is a in-person event but due to current circumstances, the organisers turned it into a virtual event for 3 days! You can visit the site for more info, speakers and sessions and to register your seat at

I’m so excited to present my session amongst the great line up of speakers in the Microsoft industry! Thank you for having me Russ Basiura!

My session details are:
Deep Dive Microsoft Teams integration with SharePoint
There is more to SharePoint than working with just files in Microsoft Teams! This demo packed session will look at all the integration experiences covering structural and functional perspectives that you will take away and apply it in your organisation’s environment to enrich your Microsoft Teams chat workspaces.
Date and Time: 9th April 2020 – 1pm (EST), 6pm (GMT)
Room #3, IT Pro Track Connection

Stay tuned for update at Twitter through following handles!





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